• 2015 Christmas Gala Thanks

    Special Thank you to All

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    Chrismas Gala 2015 Advertisement

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    Christmas Gala 2015 Ceremony

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    Signing The Deed

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    Group Picture

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    Group Picture

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    Group Picture

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    Family and Friends Day

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    Family and Friends Day

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    Family and Friends Day

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    Christmas Gala Advertisement 2014

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    Christmas Gala Ceremony 2014

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    Christmas Gala Ceremony 2014

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    Learning Skills

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    Learning Skills

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    Floor renovations

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    Vinyl donation from Lowes/Garner

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    Vinyl donation from Lowes/Knightdale

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    Vinyl donation from Home Depot/Knightdale

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    Carpet renovation

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    Carpet donation from Home Depot/Knightdale

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    Bathroom Renovation

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    Bathroom Renovation

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    Bathroom Renovation

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    Bathroom Renovation


Stop the Stigma

Mental health concerns everyone. One in four individuals suffer from mental illness. It affects our ability to cope with and manage change, life events and transitions such as bereavement, unemployment, retirement, disaster, and the many other stressors that life may bring. All human beings have mental health needs, no matter what the state of their psyche. Mental health needs, can be met in a variety of settings; for example, group homes.

For the last six years, Heaven Sent Group Home has provided a safe haven for adults who suffer from mental illness. Heaven Sent Group Home was founded by Termaine Moore in June 2009. When asked about her interest in mental health, Termaine stated, “Being able to serve individuals that are often forgotten is a blessing and a privilege. Individuals suffering with mental illness are very I.M.P.O.R.T.A.N.T. to me". Termaine feels that those suffering from mental illness are:

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Alliance Behavior Healthcare
24 hour information & crisis line (800) 510-9132
Call for information about Mental Health Services in Wake, Durham, Johnston, and Cumberland Counties.

National Alliance on Mental Illness
NAMI Wake County
Information Line
919) 848-4490